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01- The players should not disobey or debate and argue any order coming from the Game Masters, Senior Game Masters or Game Admin (with only expection of the request of personal data, like password or login id). The player may report the order if he thinks it was an abuse of power or just unfair at this discord or our Offcial forum.

02-Players who are found guilty of violating any of the rules stated here, either in game or through the Forum, may have their main or secondary accounts disconnected, muted or banned temporarily or permanently at the discretion of the staff member and depending on the severity of the infraction.

03- By no means a player should speak for any banned player unless previous authorization from a Game Master due to language barriers or other relevant reasons.

04- Players who try to deceive or mislead the staff into punishing a player with false or fabricated proof may be punished themselves.

05- The Admins has the final word on every case. Insulting, creating havock, spreading rumors or implying corruption without solid evidences and just because the decision is not liked will lead to heavy sanctions, included but not limited to the suspension of all your accounts.

06- Violation of these rules may be reported by any player through Our forum / Discord.

07- In special cases the team may have to trust the player's word to solve a situation. Any proved or suspected lie will have heavy consequences for the player, on current and future cases as well.

08- In case of massive rules break from different players, the Admin can ban one or just few of them to restore the order ingame and this should not be subject of complains regarding the fairness of the act. In the same way, a ban may be lifted at the Admin's discretion.

09- Any character with explicit reference to political, religious, racist or other hot top topic, names will be punished according to our own criteria.

10- Be respectful to one another. Do not vent your frustrations on other members, whether through your comments or the material that you post on the site. There is no tolerance for predatory behaviour, disparaging or defamatory comments, threats, harassment, illegal activities, invading privacy, propaganda, racial hatred, offensive cultural behaviour, vulgar or obscene content, or any other inappropriate behaviour. There is also no tolerance for the sharing of other members' personal information.

11- Please note that we no longer offers support on matters that are more than one month old. If the case is over a month old, we provide no support.

12- Players who report bugs / glitched items are to be rewarded by NCoins depending on how risky the bug is.

13- We can’t allow real money trading or advertising for account sharing. Selling or buying anything for real money, be it digital items, services or physical products is not allowed.